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Show of 1-19-2002

  • The Enron Story: Where is this e-Business Go Wrong?
  • SatireWire: Microsoft Agrees to Breakup in a Surprise Move
  • Tech Talk Guest: Matthew Clemente
  • Popular Mechanics Editors Choice for Consumer Electronics Show
  • Qualcomm turns cell phones into GPs
  • MillionManLan Party
  • AOL/Time Warner Rumored to Buy RedHat Linux
  • Stratford News
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Show of 1-12-2002

  • 2002 Comsumer Electronics Show
  • High Definition Television (HDTV) Rundown
  • Unions Having Trouble Invading D-Coms
  • Judge Tosses Out Microsoft Settlement
  • Missed News from 2001
  • Security Update
  • Stratford News
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Show of 1-5-2002

  • Getting sold out tickets over the web
  • IT Career Rundown
  • Security Issues
  • Intel Roadmap Released
  • Court Back California Anti-Spam Law
  • More Shoppers Disappointed Online
  • New NASA Bionic Eye Technology
  • Stratford News
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