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Show of 8-24-2002

  • Movies on Subway walls
  • Microsoft Summer IE Patch Frenzy
  • Gadget of the week
  • Students surf of roommates
  • Linux Distribution Available for Xbox
  • Wireless Turf Battle
  • Music Industries Self Inflicted Wounds
  • What you computer says about you
  • New worm spreads through the KaZaA network
  • Judge Throws Out Hyperlink Lawsuit
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 8-17-2002

  • Cell Phone Discussion (Continued)
  • FCC Rules that Digital Tuners must be included by 2007
  • Record Labels Sue ISPs over site
  • Catching crooks with e-mail evidence is mounting
  • Military Computers cracked by security firm
  • Wi-Fi Honey Pot set up in Washington DC
  • Registrars Rally behind ICANN
  • LAN Parties Grow in Popularity
  • Dell now sells computers without OS
  • Russians Accuse FBI of Hacking
  • LinuxWorld Held this week
  • Stratford News
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Show of 8-10-2002

  • Cellular Phone Technology Rundown
  • Mailbag
  • My experiences with a CLEC
  • Microsoft settles cased with FTC
  • Sprint rolls out ?high speed? wireless network
  • Asian Conglomerates to Buy Global Crossing
  • Stratford News
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Show of 8-3-2002

  • Virtual Tour Going Up on Stratford Website
  • Experiences with a Low Cost Digital Camera
  • Cellular Phone Technology
  • AOL Under Investigation
  • NIST Issues Wireless Security Draft Report
  • DefCon 2002
  • GPS Systems are starting and ending boundary wars
  • Highway LAN
  • Asynchronous Computers Gaining Ground
  • Internet Registry Giants Want ICANN Controlled by Commerce
  • Internet Con Artist Jailed
  • White House Issues Call for New Internet Standards
  • McCain seeks bill to end broadband statemate in Senate
  • Courses Start this Week
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Show of 7-27-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Bruce Mehlman
  • Peer-to-peer piracy prevention bill
  • SysAdmin Day — Special Acknowledgment Is Deserved
  • Wireless War Driver Charges with Hacking
  • Saving Memories of the Excesses
  • Princeton accused on hacking into Yale’s recruitment system
  • China Third in Global Internet Usage
  • USA Today Site Hacked this Week
  • Domain name fight heats up
  • Hip DJ?s now spinning MP3
  • Microsoft throws its weight behind 802.11b
  • Sratford News
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Show of 7-20-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest — The Stratford Team
  • Maintaining the PC
  • Strategies for entering the IT Marketplace
  • Data Driven Website Design
  • Internet Access in France
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Show of 7-6-2002

  • Tech Talk Guests ? Women in IT
  • Women in Technology
  • Government IT Workforce Panel Addresses IT Worker Shortage
  • Worldcom Balance Sheet and P/L Statements Declared Works of Art
  • One Billionth Computer Shipped
  • Virginia Beach Deploys Face Recognition System
  • Telephone Tooth
  • Mafia Leader Jailed using Keyboard Bugging Software
  • California Scraps Oracle Contract
  • Search engines growing in use according to Pew Internet Project
  • Video Pill to be tested on Humans
  • INS Launches New System for Tracking Students
  • Search Engine Tips
  • Internet won’t sink even if Worldcom bites the dust
  • Woman Faces Fraud Charges Related to eBay
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 6-29-2002

  • Worldcom — A Perspective on the Telecommunications Industry
  • FTC Wants Paid Search Tools to Offer Full Disclosure
  • New Apache Worm Starts to Spread
  • US Fears al-Qaeda Hack Attack
  • Piracy Fight Gets Serious
  • ICANN Meets in Bucharest
  • Senate backs $345M e-Gov Bill
  • Yaha-E Worm Launches Political Attack
  • Home Theater Update
  • Stratford News
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Show of 6-22-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest Appearance
  • INET 2002, June 18-21
  • ICANN Outlines its Evolution
  • Wireless Technologies Challenge Conventional Telco
  • The Sixth Annual Webby Awards
  • Virus Update
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford
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