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Show of 6-15-2002

  • Virus Update
  • Best Buy Reactivates Wireless Cash Registers
  • Microsoft News
  • Parents Beware of KaZaA P2P file-sharing
  • War Driving Software
  • Biotech ?dragline? spider silk
  • Ruling the Root by Milton L Mueller
  • South Africa’s domain administrator hides key file
  • Stop Those Probes!!!
  • Stratford News
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Show of 6-8-2002

  • 2002 Science-Technology Web Awards
  • Segway Scooter to be tested by US Post Office
  • Hollywood Moves against web pirates
  • Biometric Systems Are Easily Defeated
  • Security Hole Found in IE
  • Hacking Update
  • Broadband may be controlled by a few (connecting the dots)
  • FCC approves new rules for 2.4 Ghz devices operating in same band
  • Homeland Security Department to Include Computer Security
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 6-1-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Martin Cooper, CEO ArrayComm
  • Home Networking Update
  • Wireless Networking Security Update
  • Bootleg Movies available on Net
  • US Porn Law Overturned
  • The Linux Conspiracy
  • Con Edison is providing Ethernet over power grid
  • Fatwa issued on Privacy
  • Google Programming Contest Winner Announced
  • CERT Activity Summary
  • Stratford
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Show of 5-25-2002

  • Getting Rid of those wires
  • Cox Cable Update
  • The need for a firewall
  • Wireless Security Tips 101
  • War Driving Equipment
  • Hoaxes and Scams
  • Google Release New and Improved Toolbar
  • Good news for Internet radio
  • Microsoft Announces XP Service Pack 1 in response to anti-trust case
  • Baby Bells win FCC Victory
  • Mail Bag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 5-18-2002

  • High Bandwidth has arrived in the RRS household
  • Experiences Installing Wireless AP
  • Cable Modem hacking used uncap speed limits
  • AOL Update
  • Virus Update
  • IT News of the Week
  • Download of the Week
  • Microsoft Trial Update
  • Stratford
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Show of 5-11-2002

  • Congressional Internet Caucus Update
  • Melissa Virus Update (continuation of last week’s story)
  • How secure is your password?
  • Meet The Chipsons
  • Security Flaw in FormMail
  • Senate Hates Macs
  • First Fallout of the HP-Compaq Merger
  • Stupid Lawsuit of the Week
  • Xybernaut Wearable Computer Helps Disabled Kids
  • Northern Virginia ?War Drivers? Caught in Baltimore
  • Stratford
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Show of 5-4-2002

  • National ID Tag Update
  • Best Buy Suspends Use of Wireless Cash Registers
  • Melissa Creator Sentenced to 20 months in jail
  • Microsoft Anti-trust Developments
  • Look to the Future of the Internet
  • Flexible foldable LCD screen will revolutionize computers
  • Upgrading to Windows XP Personal Experiences
  • Microsoft Backs AMDs 64-bit chip
  • Robot Update
  • Hemmingway Goes Digital
  • Email
  • Is the AOL model obsolete?
  • Stratford
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Show of 4-27-2002

  • Bill Gates Completes Testimony
  • Domain Name Renewals Drop
  • W32.Klez.gen@mm Upgraded to Level 4 by Symantec
  • 3com puts Firewall in NIC
  • Online Personal Privacy Bill (S 2201)
  • Fisher-Price Pixter, Palm for Kids
  • Higher powered IT Departments On the Cheap
  • Microsoft Backs AMDs 64-bit chip
  • CIA Warns of Chinese Plans for Cyber-Attacks on US
  • First Dual Band 802.11A/B Access Point Now Available
  • Email
  • Stratford
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Show of 4-20-2002

  • Home Networking, Debunking the Mystery
  • W32.Klez.H@mm Worm Raised to Level 3 Threat
  • Bill Gates to Testify Monday
  • Satellite Broadband Given Thumbs Up
  • Interplanetary Internet, a JPL initiative
  • DCISOC and CIT Future of the Internet Series
  • Microsoft Win Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC)
  • Modular PC announced at WinHEC
  • Xbox to Lower Prices in Europe and Australia
  • Nomad Jukebox 3
  • CyberBus on University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
  • CyberPlane demonstrated by Inmarsat
  • Stratford News
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Show of 4-13-2002

  • A Look at the Future
  • Pancake Technology Rundown in Honor of DB’s pancake batter swim for charity
  • Napster Dumps 30 More Employees
  • Online Filing for the Tardy
  • Security
  • Sharing the Airwaves
  • Internet Fraud Complaint Center 2001 Statistics
  • National ID Cards Questions to Blue Ribbon Panel
  • WiFi Lite Proposal by Microsoft
  • Mail Bag
  • Stratford
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