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Show of 11-2-2002

  • Microsoft News
  • Yahoo! Goes Open Source
  • Mac OS Least Prone to Attack in 2002
  • Wi-Fi Getting New Security Standard
  • HP puts Vatican treasures on the Net
  • Open Secret?s of Saddam?s Inbox
  • Smart Pool Table Improve Play
  • ICANN?s Shanghai Meeting Pass Reforms
  • Business Software Alliance (BSA) Piracy Study
  • Instant Messaging Compatibility Closer to Reality
  • Marty Cooper Declares 3G Dead at Berlin Conference
  • Stratford News
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Show of 10-26-2002

  • Microsoft Trying to Make Free Hotmail Undesirable
  • Interesting Sites
  • Consumers Shun Copy Protected CDs
  • Inflation Threatens Everquest Economy
  • E-mail is used in court cases (beware of your use of company e-mail)
  • Microsoft News
  • Google in the News
  • DDOS Attack for the 13 Root Domain Name Servers Fails
  • Protein Folding Discovered using Distributed Computing
  • Keep all your passwords in a secure location
  • Blind May Get to Look a Digital Pictures
  • Beware of e-card (electronic greeting card)
  • Implantable Chip Now Onsale
  • Tech Talk News
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Show of 10-19-2002

  • Battle of the Waves
  • Yahoo User Hit with e-mail scam
  • Microsoft Profits Up
  • UUNet Router Meltdown
  • Man and Computer Chess Match
  • Hypersound Speakers — The next big audio event or next big flop?
  • Lastest Hacker Exploit: War Phoning
  • Interesting Sites
  • Feds Planning Early Warning System for Internet
  • Tech Talk News
  • Stratford Open House
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Show of 10-12-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Alan Paller
  • Tech Talk Guest: Paul Renard
  • Threats Found on the Internet
  • Sans Network Security 2002 Conference
  • Outlook Express Has Another Critical Security Flaw
  • Microsoft Theme Song
  • Connecting the Dots in Homeland Security
  • Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
  • Man dies after playing computer games nonstop
  • Stratford News
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Show of 9-28-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Dr. Feisal Keblawi, CISSP
  • Verisign propose to Restrict .gov Whois Inquires
  • Linux Peer-to-Peer Worm Slapper Still Strong but Dying
  • Slapper Author has been arrested
  • Microsoft PPTP VPN software has security hole
  • Nigeria 419 Fraud Strikes Again ? Big Time
  • CyberCrime DOJ Inititive (
  • USC Students: No Sharing Files
  • Rebel Offers Drive-By Wi-Fi
  • Roomba Floor Vac Robot
  • Avoiding Spam
  • IT Security Spending Defies Recession
  • SANS Network Security Conference
  • Belark Advisor ? for PC Audits
  • Seagate- Western Digital-Maxtor cut HD warranties
  • Stratford News
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Show of 9-21-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Dr. David H. McIntyre
  • White House Releases National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
  • Dartmouth has joined wireless revolution as hacking target
  • Service Pack 1 Released for WindowsXP (An Update)
  • First Smiley Ever Posted (An Update)
  • A Great Wedding Website
  • Portable Keyboard for PDA that is truly Virtual
  • Verisign to Restrict .gov Whois Inquires
  • Linux Peer-to-Peer Worm Slapper Still Strong
  • Lindows 2.0 Released
  • SANS Network Security Conference
  • Stratford News
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Show of 9-14-2002

  • Tech Talk Guest: Ms. Nuala O’Connor Kelly
  • National Homeland Security Expo
  • September 11 E-Mail Worm Fizzles
  • Service Pack 1 Released for WindowsXP
  • Microsoft Word and Outlook Vulnerabilties
  • Tech Talk Trivia of the Week
  • First Smiley Ever Posted
  • US Will Renew ICANN?s Authority
  • China Lifts Block on Google Searches
  • Enron to Auction IT Gear
  • Fujitsu to replace 300,000 Hard Drive
  • War Flying (Continued)
  • Other Wireless News
  • Trusted Computing Platform Alliance seeks to protect more than data
  • Grid Computer Gaining in Popularity
  • Levi?s Trousers Protect Testicles
  • Florida election spotlights IT training needs
  • Stratford News
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Show of 9-7-2002

  • PEW Internet Project
  • Apple Keeps x86 Version of OS-X Alive
  • Forgent Enforces JPEG Patent Claim
  • PC Makers Try Alternatives to Microsoft Suites
  • Wal-Mart to Ship $199 PC
  • Dupont-area coffee shop offers free Web access
  • Free vs. Wireless Conflict (continued)
  • E-Suds in Dorm Rooms
  • Tokyo Based LCD Company to make a privacy display
  • 75th Anniversary of the Invention of Television
  • China and the Internet
  • Verisign May Lose Domain Sale Rights
  • Janis Ian, recording artist, favors MP3 downloads
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 8-31-2002

  • War Flying
  • Verizon to Try Wireless in Northern Virginia
  • SatireWire Closes Shop
  • RIAA Site Hacked a Second Time
  • Ford Sues F*** for Copy Right Infringement
  • RedHat Accelerates Desktop Linux for Enterprise Users
  • Wireless Network to help DC emergency workers
  • Cell Phone Blocker for Restaurants and Theaters
  • SA Police Arrest Internet Faudsters
  • Next big improvement in cars
  • UK Mobile Phone Scam
  • Judge Throws Out Hyperlink Lawsuit
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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Show of 8-24-2002

  • Movies on Subway walls
  • Microsoft Summer IE Patch Frenzy
  • Gadget of the week
  • Students surf of roommates
  • Linux Distribution Available for Xbox
  • Wireless Turf Battle
  • Music Industries Self Inflicted Wounds
  • What you computer says about you
  • New worm spreads through the KaZaA network
  • Judge Throws Out Hyperlink Lawsuit
  • Mailbag
  • Stratford News
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