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Show of 08-26-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Ada Lovelace
  • History Mechanical Computers
  • Luddites (Origin of the Word)
  • String Theory — Breakthrough or Cruel Hoax?
  • Anchor Charged with Hacking Colleague Email
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Show of 08-19-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Patrick Collison
  • Build Pinhole Projector to View the Eclipse
  • Amazon Issuing Refunds for Fake Eclipse Glasses
  • Apple Refuses to enable Advanced Mobile Location (AML)
  • Crowdsourced AI Medical Diagnosis App
  • Drone Use of the Week: Tree-planting
  • iPhone Audio Trick on the Week: Using Equalization
  • 50 Year Old Woman Learned to Code and Launched New Career
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Show of 08-12-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Daniel Stewart Butterfield
  • Tips for photographing the total solar eclipse
  • Tricks used by Web Ads to Bypass Blockers
  • Is the PowerGrid really Vulnerable?
  • Course of the Week: Introduction to Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
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Show of 08-05-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Andreas Maria Maximilian von Bechtolsheim
  • Hacker who Found WannaCry Kill Switch Arrested
  • Bitcoin Cash Launched (Bitcoin Community Divided)
  • Product of the Week: Teslas new Solar Roof
  • Surprise of the Week: Millennials Amazed by Free Antenna TV
  • US Army Stops Using DJI Drones
  • Google Glass: Back from the Dead
  • Chinese Chatbots Taken Offline for Being Unpatriotic
  • Apple Caved to China (Just Like the Others)
  • Goodbye Doctors, Hello Robots
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Show of 07-29-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Eric S. Yuan
  • Adobe announces end-of-life for Flash
  • US total Solar Eclipse
  • U.S. elections are an easy Target for Russian hackers
  • India To Use Internships To Improve Employability of Engineers
  • System Administrator (SysAdmin) Day
  • Your Car Could Be the Next Ransomware Target
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Show of 07-22-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Werner Hans Peter Vogels
  • Bitcoin explodes above $2,500
  • Beijing Wants AI To Be Made In China By 2030
  • Elon Musk Wants to Merge The Human Brain and AI
  • Dark Web Marketplace Shut Down
  • Verizon Accused of Throttling Netflix and YouTube
  • Weird eBay Auction of the Week: Old FBI Surveillance Van
  • Dangerous Malware Used Against The Ukraine Power Grid
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Show of 07-15-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Vitalik Buterin
  • Idea of the Century: BlockChain
  • Blockchain Evolved: Ethereum
  • Kasperky Lab Dropped from US Government Approved List
  • Computers Webcams Can Be Easily Hacked
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Show of 07-08-2017

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Robert William Bemer
  • Petya Malware Spread via Software Updates
  • Researchers Find ‘Vaccine’ for Petya/NotPetya
  • Hackers Targeting US Nuclear Power Plants
  • The Pentagon Says It Will Start Encrypting Soldiers’ Emails Next
  • Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting
  • Trick of the Week: Using Amazon Alexa for Calls
  • Net Neutrality Digital Protest Day
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Show of 07-01-2017

  • Best of Tech Talk Edition
  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Fathers of the Internet (originally aired – 7/7/2007)
  • Hot Fuel Contains Less Energy than Cold Fuel (originally aired – 7/7/2007)
  • The Love Machine
  • Website of the Week:
  • Food Science: Why is Fish White? (originally aired 7/12/2008)
  • Games: Man versus Computer (originally aired – 7/28/2007)
  • Service of the Week: Slydial (Originally aired 7/26/2008)
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