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Show of 03-10-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Gerald Anderson Lawson
  • March 14th is Pi Day
  • Pi Songs Can be So Much Fun
  • History of Pi
  • Japanese Man Memorises Pi to 111,700 digits
  • Tip of the Week: Turn of Notifications
  • How to Turn off Facebooks Face Recognition Feature
  • Face ID Used by Airlines
  • California Right to Repair Bills
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Show of 03-03-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Kenneth Lane Thompson
  • Amazon is buying Ring, a Shark Tank Reject, for $1B
  • EU Gives Companies One Hour to Remove Terrorist Content
  • Beware: Selfies Make Your Nose Look Bigger
  • People Are Holding on their Old Phones
  • How to Extend the Life of your Smartphone
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Show of 02-24-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Nathaniel S. Borenstein
  • Dropbox to go public 10 years after launch
  • Manafort Couldn’t Convert PDFs to Word Files (Left Papertrail)
  • The IRS Isn’t Calling You
  • SpaceX gets FCC Backing for Internet Plan
  • Creating a Community Facebook Page
  • Website of the Week: FCC Broadband Deployment Data
  • Elon Musk’s Tesla Launched into Space
  • American Communities Are Launching Internet Networks
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Show of 02-17-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: William Frederick Friedman
  • Google Now Blocks Annoying Ads In Chrome
  • How to Disable Chrome’s New Ad Blocker
  • Intel Facing Class Action Lawsuits for Spectre and Meltdown
  • How to Block Cryptocurrency Mining Malware
  • Terrifying High-Tech Porn: Deepfake Videos
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Show of 02-10-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Lisa T. Su
  • An iPhone X now costs $1,700 in India
  • Drones Are Being Featured at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics
  • Fun Things to Do with Alexa
  • Waymo and Uber Settle Before Case Goes to Jury
  • Amazon to take on UPS and FedEx
  • Another near Asteroid Miss
  • iOS 9 Source Code Leaked: What it Means
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Show of 02-03-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Demis Hassabis
  • Over $100B Drop in Cryptocurrency Market in 24 hours
  • Meltdown, Spectre Malware Samples Found In The Wild
  • NASA finds Satellite But Still Can’t Communicate
  • Fitness App Reveals Remote Military Bases
  • More than 2,000 WordPress websites are infected with a Keylogger
  • ATM jackpotting reaches US
  • Alexa Won’t Light Up During Amazon’s Super Bowl Ad
  • Scientists find massive Mayan society under Guatemala jungle
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Show of 01-27-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Mustafa Suleyman
  • Idea of the Week: Listen to a Video Game Soundtrack to Focus a Work
  • AT&T calls for net neutrality laws after fighting to end FCC rules
  • ICE Will Track License Plates Across the US
  • Ransomware Attacks Are Less Frequent
  • Japanese exchange says hackers stole over $400M in cryptocurrency
  • Facebook staff reportedly interviewed in Mueller investigation
  • Texting While Driving May Affect Insurance Rates
  • 50 Cent has made millions from Bitcoin
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Show of 01-20-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Michael Stonebraker
  • SEC Rejects Cryptocurrency Funds
  • Your Biggest Cyberthreat Is Cryptocurrency Miners
  • Apple Update Will Let Users Opt Out of OS Slow Down
  • Facebook Latest Attempt to Fix Newsfeed
  • Twitter Reveals Extend of Russian Propaganda during Election
  • Russian Cyber Forces Stealing U.S. Technological Edge
  • Social Media or Social Disease?
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Show of 01-13-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Frank S. Greene, Jr.
  • House Votes to Renew Foreign Intelligence Surviellance Act (FISA).
  • Tech Trends at CES 2018
  • GM plans to release cars with no steering wheel in 2019
  • Americans still Skeptical about Driverless Cars
  • Google says Spectre and Meltdown were the worst vulnerabilities in a decade
  • Next-generation WI-Fi is finally coming
  • Supreme Court to Review Internet Sales Tax
  • Hundreds of Smartphone Apps Are Spying You
  • Apple Battery Replacement Program Update
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Show of 01-06-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Andrew W. Houston
  • Intel Chip Security Flaws: Meltdown and Spectre
  • Online Sales Soar in 2017
  • The Year That Made Twitter and Social Media Infamous
  • Website of the Week: Google Trends for 2017
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