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Show of 05-18-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Irwin Mark Jacobs
  • Baltimore Robbinhood Ransomware Update
  • WhatsApp Security Flaw allows Hackers to Install Malware
  • Carriers Promise They Stopped Selling Your Location… Again
  • Idea of the Week: Treat Facebook like Big Tobacco
  • Invention of the Week: Pro Tech DNA Gel
  • TikTok is China’s Most Important Export
  • New Kilogram Standard, Le Grand K is Gone
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Show of 05-11-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Dustin Aaron Moskovitz
  • Baltimore Hit with Ransomware Attack
  • Robinhood Ransomware Revealed
  • Two Crypto-Mining Groups are Fighting a Turf War
  • High-tech supremacy at stake in US-China trade war
  • Google unveils Auto-delete for Some Data
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Show of 05-04-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Kevin Systrom
  • Idea of the Week: Turning a Parking Spot into a Coworking Space
  • Facebook Bans Controversial High Profiles Users
  • Dems Want to See Big Tech Budgets for Curbing Extremism
  • Putin signs law to create an independent Russian internet
  • Python Programming Language Powers Netflix
  • Right to Repair Legislation
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Show of 04-27-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Ren Zhengfei
  • NSA Recommends Dropping Phone-Surveillance Program
  • Google Bans App That Generate Fake Click on Ads
  • UK To Let Huawei Firm Help Build 5G Network
  • Fixing algorithms Will Not Stop Fake News
  • The Dead may Outnumber the Living on Facebook within 50 years
  • The Most Loved Programming Language
  • The Nations of the Amazon want the Name Back
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Show of 04-20-2019

  • Best of Tech Talk Edition
  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Steve Coast
  • Smart Vacuum Cleaner Hacked: Camera Accessed
  • Study of the Week: Women’s Pockets Too Small for Cellphone
  • An Emergency SOS Feature on Your iPhone
  • Chemistry of Dyeing Easter Eggs
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Show of 04-13-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Daniel Stewart Butterfield
  • Porn Site Ransomware Used by Cybercriminals
  • Thousands of Employees Listen your Alexa Conversations
  • How to Stop Amazon from Listening to your Alexa recordings
  • Why Tens of Thousands of Donated iPhones Are Destroyed
  • Julian Assange Arrested in London
  • Stratford University Uses Technology for Education
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Show of 04-06-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Elizebeth Smith Friedman
  • Rechargeable Battery Can Last 400 Years
  • MIT Cuts Ties with Chinese Tech Firms Huawei and ZTE
  • Should Humanity Merge with Robots?
  • Facebook Let Cybercrime Groups Operate in Plain Sight
  • Cyber-attacks ‘damage’ national infrastructure
  • Troubling: Google’s Ethics Board Shut Down
  • Project Kuiper: Amazon’s Satellite High Speed Internet
  • AI Can Predict Premature Death
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Show of 03-30-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Talmon Marco
  • Cybersecurity have 3.5 Million Unfilled Jobs by 2021
  • An IT Guy Gets Fired and Erases 23 Amazon Web Servers
  • Three Pioneers in AI Win Turing Award
  • Russia Orders VPN Providers to Block Banned Sites
  • Thirty-six New Security Flaws In LTE Protocol
  • Tesla Cars Keep Lots of Data
  • Facebook Left User Passwords Unencrypted
  • This Village Built Its Own Solar-Powered Public Wi-Fi Network
  • Facebook violated US Fair Housing Act Violations
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Show of 03-23-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Ronald Gerald Wayne
  • Twelve Most Common Phishing Email Subject Lines
  • Facial Recognition Used to Track Down Criminals
  • Locating a Webcam in Your Hotel Room or AirBNB
  • From Ten Years Ago: Adjustable Glasses
  • Tesla Autopilot Steering Toward Highway Barriers
  • From Ten Year Ago: Why Do We Have Fingerprints?
  • The New Rules of Communicating in the Digital Era
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Show of 03-16-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Timothy John Berners-Lee
  • World Wide Web Turn 30
  • A Brief History of Pi in Honor of Pi Day
  • IBM Used Flickr Photos for Facial Recognition Training
  • Boeing Will Update 737 Max Control Software
  • Halo Drive: Lasers and Black Holes Could Launch Spaceships to Near Light Speed
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