Show of 12-08-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Demis Hassabis
  • AlphaZero Teaches Itself How to Play Games
  • Waymo One, the First Self-Driving Taxi Service
  • Amazon Targets Airports for Checkout-Free Stores
  • What is 5G Cellular Technology?
  • Uber files for IPO, Wall Street Journal reports
  • Linus Torvalds returns to Linux Development
  • Use Multiple Phone Numbers with Verizon App
  • Voice Recognition Is Nearly Flawless: What is Next?
  • How Hackers Are Stealing High-Profile Instagram Accounts
  • Marriott’s Starwood Hotels Suffer Mega-Hack
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Show of 12-01-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Charles Kuen Kao
  • First Steps of Overhaul H-1B Visa Program
  • NIST has Created a New Atomic Clock with Incredible Precision
  • Robots will Transform Farming
  • NASA Successfully Lands Insight on Mars
  • Giraffe Hacks Printers Worldwide to Promote PewDiePie
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Show of 11-24-2018

  • Best of Tech Talk Edition
  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Margaret Heafield Hamilton
  • Food Science: Frozen Turkey
  • Cutting the Cord: My Journey
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Show of 11-17-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Luis von Ahn
  • Tim Berners-Lee is Trying to Fix Web Privacy
  • Google Internet Traffic Routed Through China
  • Innovation of the Week: AI Anchor Reads News in China
  • Three US Senators Accuse Carriers of Hidden Throttling.
  • Four Base Metric Units to be Changed
  • IBM Bought Red Hat for $34B
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Show of 11-10-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Alex Hills
  • Novel App Developer Tilted the Elections
  • Google to Digitize 5 Million New York Times Historical Photos
  • App of the Week: Apple VoiceOver
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Show of 11-03-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Marian Rogers Croak
  • The Morris Worm turns 30
  • The real-life Mario has died
  • Next Generation Smart Glasses May Be Accepted
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Radio Controlled Clocks (or Atomic Clocks)
  • Tim Cook wants Bloomberg to retract its spy chip story
  • Two Botnets Control Thousands Android Devices
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Show of 10-27-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Ivan Edward Sutherland
  • Ford will Test Self-driving cars in DC
  • Microsoft Has Changed Colors: It Support Open Source
  • Over 11,000 MikroTik router users at risk of cyber attacks
  • Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin
  • $183 Million in Ethereum Transferred Successfully
  • North Korean Hackers Steal $571M in Cryptocurrency
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Show of 10-20-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Jeremy Stoppelman
  • Why Apple Watch link to Jamal Khashoggi ‘killing’ is unlikely
  • App of the Week: Be My Eyes
  • Idea of the Week: Hurricane Damage Assessment Imagery Online
  • US Users Can Download All Their Apple Data>
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Show of 10-13-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: David Karp
  • Update: Bug in Windows 10’s Update that Deleted Files Fixed
  • Was your Facebook Data Stolen?
  • Bloomberg’s Original Story: How China Implanted Spy Chips in Computers
  • More Evidence of Chinese Microchip Tampering
  • Deepfakes are being weaponized to silence women
  • Mirai botnet creators praised for helping FBI, won’t serve prison time
  • Don’t Give Apps Access to Your Email (Even to Save Money)
  • Facial Recognition To Help Women Find Egg Donors
  • The Pareto Principle in Software Design
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Show of 10-06-2018

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Eric R. Fossum
  • CMOS vs CCD Sensors Explained
  • Should You Buy or Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 4?
  • Word of the Week: Doxing
  • Idea of the Week: Teach Coding Like a Foreign Language
  • Cheap iPhone Battery Replacement Ends in Three Months
  • Facebook Security Breach Revealed to be Worse than Thought
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