Show of 03-21-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: William Yeager
  • Pet Peeve of the Week: High Jacked Email Subject Lines
  • CoronaVirus Math: It Looks Bad
  • Stratford University’s response to COVID 19
  • CoronaVirus Update: Five Tech Companies Providing Free Remote Working Tools
  • Cyber Risks as Employees Shift From Offices to Homes
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Show of 03-14-2020

  • Best of Tech Talk Edition
  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Alessandro Volta
  • How Does GPS Work?
  • Computer Glitches Caused by Cosmic Rays
  • Hackable Wireless Voting Machines
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Show of 03-07-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Judith R. Faulkner
  • Tip of the Week: Magnetizing Your Screwdriver
  • FBI: Over $140 million handed over to ransomware attackers
  • Memory Lane: 40th Anniversary of IEEE 802 Group
  • DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar Exposes Hidden Tracking
  • West Virginia Will Not Use Smart Phone Voting App
  • Backdoor Malware Spread through Fake Security Certificate Alerts
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Show of 02-29-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Katherine Coleman Johnson
  • Memory Lane: Zip Drives Remembered
  • Jif Wants You to Pronounce GIF Correctly
  • FCC Fines Carriers for Sharing Customers’ Location Data
  • Product of the Week: Microsoft ElectionGuard
  • MIT List of 9 Megatrends That Will Shape the World in 2030.
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Show of 02-22-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Lawrence Gordon Tesler
  • February 29 is Leap Day. What does it Mean?
  • Idea of the Week: Live Skin Face Scans
  • Physics Discovery of the Week: Hydrogen-Boron Fusion
  • DISA Confirms Data Breach
  • Breakthrough of the Week: Antibiotic Discovered Using Machine Learning
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Show of 02-15-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Cecil Howard Green
  • First Integrated Circuit – The Back Story
  • Huawei Charged with Racketeering Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets
  • Ransomware Every 11 Seconds in 2021 with a Cost of $20 Billion
  • Mobile Voting App Used in Four States Has Security Flaws
  • Homeland Security Using Phone Location at Border
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Show of 02-08-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Claude Elwood Shannon
  • Iowa Election Snafu: What Happens Best Practices Are Ignored
  • Beware of Free Downloads: Risk Malware Infection
  • Safety Alert: Coffee Banned in A350 Cockpits
  • Idea of Week: Monitor Glucose Levels without Finger Prick
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Show of 02-01-2019

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Ralph Anthony Brooker
  • Avast’s Free Antivirus Shares Browser Data
  • Britain Approves Huawei 5G Despite US Objections
  • Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?
  • IOS 13 Privacy Features Negatively Affecting Advertisers
  • Teen Hack of the Week: Airpods for Secret Communication
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Show of 01-25-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Peter Williston Shor
  • Quantum Computing Limerick by Peter Shor
  • Product of the Week: ColorCoral Universal Keyboard Cleaning Gel
  • Product of the Week: MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Memory Lane: Macintosh is 36 Years Old
  • US could approve Boeing 737 MAX before mid-year: source
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Show of 01-18-2020

  • Email and Forum Questions
  • Profiles in IT: Norman Joseph Woodland
  • Cable Haunt Modem Security Flaw
  • Scientists Build Living Robots with Stem Cells
  • Organized Cybercrime — Evolution of the Mafia
  • AI’s real impact — Freeing Us from Repetitive Tasks
  • Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
  • Even Democracies can become Digital Dictators
  • Verizon Responds to Cord Cutters
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